Hi, I’m Katie. Ever since I was a child I have loved making things. I was constantly destroying stuff all over the house coloring and cutting and remaking things. Thankfully I had a mother who taught me to channel my destructive forces into more productive pursuits. She taught me to sew, bake, cross stitch, to make all sorts of crafts but there has always been one thing that was my favorite and brought me the most joy…making jewelry.

As an adult I earned a degree in Fine Arts, I spent time as a jewelry designer, and most recently taught art at the elementary and middle school levels. Starting my own jewelry business was always in the back of my mind and felt like nothing more than a dream for a very long time.

Then as things for my family began to change, we adopted a teenager, a desire to adopt more kids, I began thinking about what life would be like if I wasn’t teaching and was more available for my growing family, and Frippery House transformed from dream into my very own business.

How did I come up with the name Frippery House? Here’s the blog with the low down.

Each Frippery House piece is designed and hand crafted by me. My focus is on creating jewelry that is easy to wear but also distinctive. I HATE having the same jewelry as someone else, so each piece is crafted with stone or hand formed metal pieces that add variations and make them unique.

Interesting facts about me: Although we are a family of three we have several other people that live with us, in fact we kind of have an informal boarding house. Our family is spread across three different continents. And I LOVE salted ice cream!!!

Oh, and I have a blog where I tell the tales of our crazy house and my life as a entrepreneur/wife/mom. Check it out at