Labradorite beads separate three raw quartz crystal points in these earrings inspired by my bestie Jill. There is something real and natural, and cool, and beautiful about them. They go with everything, but they are anything but plain. The crystal is transparent, but not perfect, the labradorite catches light to show you different colors. They are seriously just cool!

In a world of putting on faces, of pretending, of hiding reality to show an ideal…I am daily blessed by my bestie Jill. She is something very different and so very real, she daily lives out her faith and where she walks she brings peace and love and joy…lots and lots of joy! There’s more to the story, and you should check it out at The Dizon Life.

These earrings use raw quartz crystals, which means that shape and color vary, making each and every set of earrings is an original. Your earrings will vary from the pair pictured…those are Jills…and will even vary slightly from each other. I promise do my absolute very best to keep them as similar to each other and to the photos as possible.


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Posted by:Katie Dizon

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