“Forks are for poking and knifes are for cutting, but spoons are for serving … be a spoon!”

This unique silver plated spoon pendant is accented by a faceted mountain “jade” bead and two delicate white pearls. It’s easy to wear, a great reminder to love and serve others, and oh yeah, did I mention super easy to wear!?!

This piece is inspired by my cousin through marriage…my friend through providence…Ernie. She’s an incredible woman who is getting ready to move to IRELAND with her husband and two boys, so that they can love and serve people there in Jesus’ name. In support of this amazing family, for each purchase made $15 is donated to the Treu family and their work in Ireland.

To read more about how this incredible woman inspires me check out my blog The Dizon Life


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To learn more about the Treu family and their journey to Ireland: The Trues Go To Ireland

Posted by:Katie Dizon

One thought on “the Ernie

  1. It’s beautiful…just like Ernie! And so awesome that you’re using it as support for their big adventure in Jesus! So excited for you, Katie…and them!


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